Friday, May 11, 2007

Humbling Parenthood

I don't think I've ever had such a close association with humility until I became a parent. Just when you think you've kind of got it down, they throw another curve ball at you. Our latest curve ball is another bite while nursing...actually it was an almost bite. Brody was about to chomp down and to my amazement stopped. I looked at him and gave him a big smile but he obviously had flashbacks of the first biting experience where I yelled "ouch". He just began to cry and cry and wouldn't nurse. I tried again later that night...nothing. He hasn't nursed at all today. So...guess we are weaning. Or more like, weaned. I had visions of it going so smoothly like Collin's and we would cut out a feeding here or there and before I knew it we would just be doing it once before bed and then poof we'd be done. But nope, it was all or nothing with this little whippersnapper.
Good news is, without me caving to nurse him at night to go back to bed once I got him down he slept for longer than he has in months. Maybe it was God's provision.
Brody's baby dedication is tomorrow at church. We have the family coming and then over to our house for brunch. It's always quite an endeavor to get things ready for a gathering with two little ones. Collin is so excited to have people come to church with him and has been looking forward to showing off his church and choosing who he is going to sit by. I love that he can participate in the baby dedication and see the emphasis on God in our lives.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Kyle is off on a business trip this week. He returns tomorrow night. This one was only three days. At the end of the night, we always ask Collin what made him happy that day and what made him sad. The last two nights, what made him sad has been that daddy went on a trip...tonight what made him happy is that tomorrow is day number3!
It has been so wonderful soaking up the sun the last few days. As blinding white as my legs are right now it still feels good to slip on those shorts and run around with the boys. We've spent time at the park, running around the yard, bike rides and just having a popsicle. Brody sunk his toes into the sand at the park and loved it...wasn't as fond of the taste!
Collin is mr. talkative these days. He has the knack for engaging just about anyone (particularly adults) into conversations. It wasn't long ago he had the whole post office discussing why people speak different we have a politician on our hands??? Some of his highlights: after thanking Collin for helping with Brody he said, "it's my pleasure"...."look mom, it's a fly wearing a yellow jacket"...."wow, that lady is BIG" (this stated on a very quiet city bus)..."mom, why don't girls have a penis" (this stated in a very quiet park restroom)..."how did Whinnie (our dog) come out of your tummy?"...the list goes on and on. It's not only the words but the demeanor. It's so grown up and professional.
Brody is physically changing. His third tooth came in last week. Yesterday,he decided it was time to try giving me a bite while nursing. After my quick "ouch" he looked at me with a smirk and quickly give it another try. This time with a much louder "ouch" he melted into tears and hurt feelings. He refused to eat. I thought I had found the worlds fastest way of weaning. But, after a walk with the family, bath and PJ's everything was back to normal...and not another bite! He not only is crawling but he's crawling like a mad man! It's like he's been looking at all these things for the past 10 months and now he's bound and determine to explore every square inch of the house. Look out world here he comes! I wish his sense of adventure would spread into his eating habits...I think he will be happy with yogurt, pear puree and sweet potato puree for the rest of his life! Oh well, I guess it could be worse.
Well, off to get into some cozy clothes for this weary mom and relax. Signing off.