Thursday, March 29, 2007


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This is a snapshot that we took at the bowling alley during our Spring Break. The genuine smile just makes me so happy. We've had a fun time this week. We've met up with many friends and had lots of little adventures. What a treat!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Tooth

Brody finally had a tooth pop through today. The poor guy has not only been sick but teething as well. It won't be long before he's chewing on the same food as us!

When I was tucking Collin in for a nap today I asked him what we could pray for. He said, "Daddy". I said, "What about Daddy?". "That he's here all day today." Ohhh, doesn't that make your heart melt! Then, very sweetly added, "and Mommy too." That's my boy!:)

The sunshine was so great today. Kyle mowed, edged and I got some more weeding and flower planting done. I have Spring fever so bad! Can't wait to get outside more often! Love it!!! That probably means I should do some spring cleaning to?!?!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


At night, Collin has a little devotional that we read from that is for preschoolers. It's adorable. Last night's or the night before (who knows the whole week is running together) was about grace. We read about God's grace and what it means to show it in our lives (in a very kid friendly way, of course). I think that God may have planted that one in there for me because this week has all been about Grace.
I don't know if it's been that Kyle is gone, or that he's sick or that maybe he's just trying to be more independent but Collin has put me through the ringer this week. It didn't matter the issue, Collin had to have a say in it. I am proud to say after much prayer...grace was exhibited (during most of the week...hey, no one is perfect right?!?)
Biggest grace has been God providing the breaks when I needed it the most. Unexpected naps...a little sunshine to get out and do some gardening...evening drives for everyone to relax.
I'm happy to say that Collin is turning the corner with this latest version of the flu! This was marked with his excited announcement from the bathroom, "Wahoo, it's not green anymore!". Brody seems to be in the thick of it. It's so sad to watch little ones suffer through these things. Our water bill this month is going to be humongous taking warm baths to help with congestion and freshen them up multiple times during the day. We got the humidifiers going, Vick's rub, Tylenol, elevated bed, juice, name it, we are doing it!
I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do. I received many phone calls from people asking how I was and offering to run to the store and such (thanks for the diapers and chocolate Stacey...lifesaver!:) It has truly been a demonstration of grace to me...during a rough week, the encouragement was so helpful!
We are all very excited about Kyle's arrival early tomorrow. The huge time difference and distance make it hard to connect during the week. It will be so nice to have him home. We made darling little matching t-shirts for the three of us to greet Daddy with at the airport. The fronts say "Welcome Home Daddy" with little drawings that we all added to our shirts and the back all say "We love daddy". Hopefully he'll know how much he's loved and missed while he is away. We'll pack up our little breakfast for the car ride and make a pit stop at Dee-Dee's coffee shop (Coffee's On) as we venture out early in the morning. It's actually a lot of fun!
Time to disinfect the house all over again!:)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Smile Brody

Smile Brody
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I'm just trying to figure out how to connect my flickr picture account with my blog and interchange photos. I love this picture so thought I'd give it a try.

First Word

Well, the St.Patrick's Day meal was creative but at the end of the day I was sitting there eating it by myself with my little son who wasn't feeling well wanting nothing to do with it. Oh well!

At the Family Life Conference we just attended (more on that later...would recommend it to anyone), motherhood was described as "Long days and short years". We all gave a chuckle, knowing exactly what she was talking about. This was one of those long days...sick, cranky, antsy little ones that are stuck inside can make for time to pass rather slowly. But when the end of the night comes and I get loves from Collin and Brody babbles away through the monitor as he drifts off to sleep - it seems like the most amazing job ever and I'm thankful for my day.

Brody definitely started saying his first word today. All day long he has been saying "momma". I know, I know...he doesn't know what he's saying yet but he knows it gets my attention and I'm sure encouraging it!! Just for the record, I give just as much time to promoting "Da-da" as I do to "ma-ma". He has also started making that popping sound with his mouth when you put your lips together and stuck them together as you pop them open...ok, that made no sense at all!:)

Friday, March 16, 2007


The boys and I drove Kyle to the airport today. He's off to China for the week. He did such a great job getting ready for this trip. Yesterday, he came home with a present for each of us. Wow, that has never happened before! Well done, Daddy-o! Collin got a little trick soap along with a sack of gold chocolate coins. Kyle slipped two into Collin's calendar slots for each day he is gone. Brody got a cute little toy. My present was the best though...a box of See's chocolates and a package of home spa products from Bath and Body works. The best part...a card!!!!! I LOVE getting cards from him. They get read over and over.

It never fails, someone always gets sick when Kyle leaves. This time it's Collin. He's got an awful cold. He's been a trooper but I can tell he's miserable. So, it's been lots of TV, liquids and rest. In that order, too!:)

Tomorrow is St.Patrick's day. Growing up, this has never been a holiday we celebrated. Although, I've always thought it is fun. So tonight, I decided to add a few decorations to lend to the excitement. A little trail of St.Patrick's day confetti starts at Collin's door and leads out to the living room coffee table. There I left, a homemade paper place mat with decorations of rainbows, pots of gold and four-leaf clovers. Displayed on the place mat is a box of lucky charms, bowl and spoon (green of course) and a light up four leaf clover pin. For dinner we will be having: Irish stew, green jell-o, Irish freckled bread, St.Patricks Day punch and the grand rice crispy treats!:) Even with a sick little one, we'll have fun!

Well, I'm quickly crashing after a long day of a constipated baby (who after several day of prunes has finally found some relief), flying snot rockets, speedy meals and little I'm signing off for the night.