Sunday, March 18, 2007

First Word

Well, the St.Patrick's Day meal was creative but at the end of the day I was sitting there eating it by myself with my little son who wasn't feeling well wanting nothing to do with it. Oh well!

At the Family Life Conference we just attended (more on that later...would recommend it to anyone), motherhood was described as "Long days and short years". We all gave a chuckle, knowing exactly what she was talking about. This was one of those long days...sick, cranky, antsy little ones that are stuck inside can make for time to pass rather slowly. But when the end of the night comes and I get loves from Collin and Brody babbles away through the monitor as he drifts off to sleep - it seems like the most amazing job ever and I'm thankful for my day.

Brody definitely started saying his first word today. All day long he has been saying "momma". I know, I know...he doesn't know what he's saying yet but he knows it gets my attention and I'm sure encouraging it!! Just for the record, I give just as much time to promoting "Da-da" as I do to "ma-ma". He has also started making that popping sound with his mouth when you put your lips together and stuck them together as you pop them open...ok, that made no sense at all!:)

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