Friday, March 16, 2007


The boys and I drove Kyle to the airport today. He's off to China for the week. He did such a great job getting ready for this trip. Yesterday, he came home with a present for each of us. Wow, that has never happened before! Well done, Daddy-o! Collin got a little trick soap along with a sack of gold chocolate coins. Kyle slipped two into Collin's calendar slots for each day he is gone. Brody got a cute little toy. My present was the best though...a box of See's chocolates and a package of home spa products from Bath and Body works. The best part...a card!!!!! I LOVE getting cards from him. They get read over and over.

It never fails, someone always gets sick when Kyle leaves. This time it's Collin. He's got an awful cold. He's been a trooper but I can tell he's miserable. So, it's been lots of TV, liquids and rest. In that order, too!:)

Tomorrow is St.Patrick's day. Growing up, this has never been a holiday we celebrated. Although, I've always thought it is fun. So tonight, I decided to add a few decorations to lend to the excitement. A little trail of St.Patrick's day confetti starts at Collin's door and leads out to the living room coffee table. There I left, a homemade paper place mat with decorations of rainbows, pots of gold and four-leaf clovers. Displayed on the place mat is a box of lucky charms, bowl and spoon (green of course) and a light up four leaf clover pin. For dinner we will be having: Irish stew, green jell-o, Irish freckled bread, St.Patricks Day punch and the grand rice crispy treats!:) Even with a sick little one, we'll have fun!

Well, I'm quickly crashing after a long day of a constipated baby (who after several day of prunes has finally found some relief), flying snot rockets, speedy meals and little I'm signing off for the night.

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