Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Tooth

Brody finally had a tooth pop through today. The poor guy has not only been sick but teething as well. It won't be long before he's chewing on the same food as us!

When I was tucking Collin in for a nap today I asked him what we could pray for. He said, "Daddy". I said, "What about Daddy?". "That he's here all day today." Ohhh, doesn't that make your heart melt! Then, very sweetly added, "and Mommy too." That's my boy!:)

The sunshine was so great today. Kyle mowed, edged and I got some more weeding and flower planting done. I have Spring fever so bad! Can't wait to get outside more often! Love it!!! That probably means I should do some spring cleaning to?!?!

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