Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ahhh, Life With Boys (2)

What does it mean when ... in between trying to break up the beating your sons are inflicting on each other with rolls of wrapping paper you are purchasing, the gentleman in front of you repeatedly offers, or rather, insists you go ahead of him because "he's in no hurry".
Ahhhh, life with boys!

Whirlwind of Activity

Quite honestly, I've fallen way behind in this blog and don't even know where to begin. Between homeschooling, two boys, house, holidays and surgery, sadly, the blog was last priority. So in an effort to bridge the gap here are a few snapshots. What is the saying? A picture is worth a thousands words? Hope so! Here's a quick run down of the last month (or two).

We've been...
Celebrating, Kyle's birthday. Happy Birthday Kyle!
Losing teeth. Looking good, Collin!
Celebrating 11 years of marriage!

Watching our little muscian's first piano recital.

Reaching out to others during the holidays with our Samaritan's Purse shoebox.

Christmas fun!

Girls weekend full of laughter to San Fran with my good friend Angela. Hello Ghirdelli Square!

Off to get a Christmas tree with a surprise visit with Santa.
Playing in the snow!

I hope your winter season has been full of memories too!


This post is entirely too long overdue but not one that I could just pass on because there is so many blessings to tell.

For as long as I can remember, I have had pain in my lower abdomen and back. There were many triggers that brought on the pain; stress, cold, fatty foods, exercise...or simply nothing! While some weeks were a pain that was manageable and could push through, as the month went on, the level of pain was intensified. It was a pain that was comparable to my active back labor during childbirth and would last for about 15 - 20 minutes before it was over. This would happen multiple times through out the day and night. I could count on about 10 days with no pain in the month and my pregnancies were completely pain free as well. The was pain was intimately intertwined in every aspect of my life as well as my families.

I've had many visits to the doctor - followed up with many pills and shots that I have tried over the years. There was no success for my tired body at the end of the day. With the decision that we were done having children, I decided it was time for surgery.

With a recent switch to a new doctor I felt the confidence to do exploratory surgery. We had speculated over the years we were dealing with endometriosis but had nothing definitive. The surgery was over in a short time after finding fibroid all over the inside and outside of my uterus and the decision to have a follow up surgery including a hysterectomy was apparently clear.

My procedure was referred to the chief regional laproscopic surgeon who accepted the challenge and by his side another experienced doctor to assist. God graced me with talented doctors and wise advise along the way - not to mention my hubs that sat through several doctor appts along the way for support.

I cannot even begin to convey my excitement when I say, I do not have my pain. My hysterectomy was done lapriscopic and went off without a hitch. My healing has been quick. God has been so good in paving this road for me and the support that I have received. Where to start...
  • an army of people praying for me
  • my hubs who managed the home front, meals, children, stocked me up with magazines, coffee and love
  • friends and family that made meals - not kidding, i didn't have to cook for 3 weeks with all the food I recieved. Even a full out Thanksgiving dinner that was prepared for us from the Turkey to the pie and everything in between! Thanks Stearns family!
  • Grandmas to entertain and playdates with friends
  • cards
  • help cleaning the house
  • lattes delivered
  • "Joy" box with encouraging packages for different days through out the recovery

The list goes on! I am so humbled by the love that was shown me. Praise God for the outcome! Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Newsletter 2009

For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

We hope to find you and yours well this holiday season. It is such a treat this time of year to hear from friends and family. To hear where they are at, how their lives have grown and changed and appreciate what they bring to our lives. And so, we bring you a short little snippet of ours. We hope you enjoy!

As a family, we've stayed busy spending time out boating, church, hanging out with friends, Blazer games, Friday night pizza night or a quiet family game night. Kyle and I celebrated 10 years of being married and traveled to Maui for the first time to celebrate.

Kyle is at Gerber driving their tool business as their category manager. He’s managed to wrangled a crew from work and a few friends to create a basketball team and participate in a Portland league this year. He still loves his sports in any shape or form he can get it – even by coaching Collin’s T-ball team. He has made fitness a priority this year and even ran in his first marathon.

I stay busy on the home front. It has been a delight putting my teaching hat on again, as I've begun homeschooling Collin and Brody. It has been a journey of learning for all of us but such a treat. After many years of dealing with pain, I had two surgeries this year to correct the problem and am working on recovery now. I've been blessed by so many helping hands through the recovery. So far, by God's grace and the use of a talented doctor, my old pain hasn't resurfaced. I'm all the more equipt now to keep up with these busy boys of mine!

Collin is growing in all sorts of ways this year. Above all else, he delights in Legos. He’s got an incredibly creative mind and is constantly coming up with a new Lego creation. Math is his favorite subject and quick learner over all. He’s on his second year of piano and participated in his first piano recital this year. Collin has also been busy with swimming, science class, basketball but especially loves just being home and wrestling with his little brother.

Brody is our little athlete. Every morning, he wants his favorite outfit of shorts and his Blazer jersey to get started on shooting hoops. He’s conquering potty training right now (so if our bathroom looks like a circus with prizes hanging from the ceiling, books, candy bribery, fancy potty seats and the sorts – you’ll know why) and working on beating a binki (pacifier) habit. All in a long hard days work!The excitement is building in our house for the big day of presents and food. The boys completely get the holiday now and you can feel the buzz all around you as they eye the gifts (or give them a little shake) all the while planning for the big day. In the midst of it all, we continue to quiet our hearts and enjoy the season for what it's all about - the gift of Jesus Christ. We wish you a time of reflection, family and fun this Christmas.

Much love,

The Fischers

Kyle, Anne, Collin &Brody