Friday, April 27, 2007

Growing Up

It wasn't long that Brody stayed that little baby stage. He's growing up all so fast...just a couple days ago he moved from the up on the knees stage rocking back and forth to putting one leg in front of the other and crawled a little bit. Another tooth has popped out too. Where has the time gone! He's got opinions about what he wants to do and is finicky about what food he chooses to eat. And whoever came up with those "puffs" (they didn't have them when Collin was born) is a genius! They are a wonderful gift to be able to get through my own meals while he has fun with his first finger foods!
Kyle and I went to Collin's first conference last night. It was so great to hear all the things he is doing in school and to see that growth. He's turning into such a little man! He's cutting, writing, making friends, participating in circle time and obviously has the teacher enamored.
It is such a treat to see them as they turn into their own person. It's also a bit heartbreaking as they venture off without you to make their own life decisions (however so small at this age) as well as having to face some of life's successes and failures.

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momaof4 said...

I remember when Noah was past the baby stage, and I was thinking we have to have another one!! I don't want to give up that stage yet, I'm not ready.
So God did double duty!!!