Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Treasured Tradition

It seems like I am behind the curve when it comes to making my traditions focus more on Christ. Slowly but surely I am learning how to change things little by little to reflect our God and not get lost in the hype of the season.
This tradition of ours started a couple years back when a family friend of ours who although doesn't have the official title of god parents to Collin definitely plays the role. This book was passed onto them when their children were little and they felt it was time to do the same. They handed us a treasured, well used Easter book that tells the Easter story in a kid friendly way. Their only request is that we use it as long as we want and then pass it on to someone else. Each year, we pull it out during the season and read it through several times.
It wasn't until this year that things started really sinking in with Collin about Jesus' death and resurrection. In fact, even being apart of church my whole life, I get caught speechless by some of his questions. But it brings me such great joy to hear him working through some of these thoughts. Praise God!
Here it is my friends (at a very reasonable price)! Happy Easter! What are your traditions?

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momaof4 said...

This looks like a good book! I will have to remember it for next year. Thank You for sharing it!!!!