Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

Dear Friends & Family,
Merry Christmas! Another whirlwind year is coming to a close and so we sit back and gather a few memories for you here. We love catching up with all of you during this time of year and hearing how your year has developed. We hope you enjoy a little snapshot of what we've been up to!

Kyle has had a year of many new roles. He continues to work at Gerber driving their lighting and tool category. One of his unique skills he has acquired from the job is spotting any kind of knife or tool in a movie and determining the make and model. Although he continues to do frequent travel it has slowed since last year. He spent most of his summer free time on the boat either hanging out with the family or fishing and of course following his favorite sports. His most recent debut is in the world of coaching. Kyle was an excellent soccer coach for Collin’s Kindergarten team and had parents asking to be on his team for the basketball season.

Collin is gaining a sense of self and growing up before our eyes. He’s entered the world of Kindergarten; school buses, hot lunch and recess. He has conquered the swing, riding on two wheels, learning his way around a piano and the swimming pool. He can speed around a soccer field and loves to frequent the Rose Garden to catch a Blazer game with Dad. He’s mom’s sidekick in the afternoons and Brody’s delight as he gets off the bus at noon.

Brody is a man on the move. He is all about balls and games. He’s developing new words daily and can melt your heart in seconds with his smile and dimples. Brody got quite sick with a kidney infection this year and has a definite opinion about doctors now and keeping them far away. He’s enjoying having mom to himself in the mornings and has become quite the "helper" while running errands around town.

Anne stays home full time with her boys; she would have it no other way. She hopped along a couple of Kyle’s business trips this year to Vegas and Washington DC and got baptized into the world of Salmon fishing. She became the queen of driving the boat on/off the trailer and packing the perfect picnic to float down the river with. Anne keeps busy keeping clean underwear in the drawers and food stocked on the shelves all the while enjoying the comradery of other moms and dabling in this and that.

We have taken care this season in particular to slow down and really enjoy each other, family and friends. We are taking time to reflect on the true meaning; Jesus birth. We hope it is the same for you and your family.
Enjoy the season friends!

The Fischer Family
Kyle, Anne, Collin & Brody
Christmas 2008

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting me be a part of your family life. It is my privilege, my vocation more than a career, to take care of the boys, as your pediatrician. Blessings in the year ahead. Dr. Hamill