Monday, July 6, 2009

Lemonade Stand (part 2)

We had two very successful days of business at the "Lemonade Head". We made our lemonade, arranged our cookies, set up the signs and cooler and opened for business. We had many kind friends and neighbors that came to support our little entrepreneur.

It was a fun day...but for mom, a bit exhausting! Kyle was my hero when he walked through the door with this at the end of the day....

Man, I love that guy!

The next day, we head to Kyle's work at Gerber Legendary Blades where we were requested to do a delivery. We already had an order for a half gallon of lemonade and a dozen cookies (Thanks, Jim!) along with a few other orders. We came with a pretty good supply but sold out quickly. As always, we were completely spoiled by everyone who came and let Collin ring them up at the cash register and was introduced to the concept of a tip. Collin was presented with his very own logo put on stickers for his cups and cookies (Bill and Erika, thank you!) so now he can make "thousands of dollars".

Overall, he learned a lot and we had a great time working together as a family and making his Lemonade Head business into a reality. He's putting some money into savings but was able to spend some on a Lego set. He spent a weekend pouring through the Lego catalog trying to figure out which one it would be and here it is.

Way to go buddy! We are so proud of you!

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Angela said...

Wow, when you said you were doing Collin's lemonade stand I had no idea what a business you guys had set up! Looks like great planning and a summer math and cooking lesson.....I love it! Such great memories and bet you will be doing that again for sure :)