Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Golden" Child

Once again, Collin unbelievably had another opportunity to grace the floor of the Rose Garden during a Blazer game. Idon't know what it is about my boys, they seem to find their way in the spotlight - but what can I say, i've got a household of handsome men on my hands. :)

As Kyle and Collin entered the Rose Garden for another Blazer game they were approached and asked to participate in a McDonald's tractor race between the second and third quarter. Collin soaked up the spotlight and sped off to win the race! We got McDonald's once a week FOR A YEAR!! (hmmm...yay?!)

Take a look...

Thank you Andrew for all the great pictures! I am so glad you had your camera that night!! Richard, you are so sweet to help us figure out the video piece!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Going Green

My friend, Karen, came up with a great idea to grow grass in the Easter baskets this year instead of using the plastic stuff. I loved the idea! During Spring Break the boys and I planted some vegetables and our Easter baskets for neices and nephews.


They turned out pretty cute!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teacher Tip from Mrs. Fischer

You can take me out of teaching but you just can't take the teacher out of me! I've been asked over the years by parents, little things to do on the side to help their child succeed in school. It's been on my mind for a while, so I am going to attempt to post on a regular basis some fun activities to add to your day that will help your child in various ways to grow. My expertise is in little guys. Keep in mind every child is at a different stage. These are activities that I've used, read or seen used through my time in the classroom. Most of these tips are to the credit of many of the amazing teachers I've had the opportunity to work with. Keep checking back!

Teacher Tip #1:

Don't' throw away those plastic Easter eggs and Easter egg grabbers after the holiday. Keep those eggs to float in a bathtub, sink of soapy water while you tidy the kitchen or nestle into a sandbox. Your child will work on building that eye hand coordination as well as fine motor development in those little fingers. This will aid them later in writing, drawing and cutting.
Have fun!