Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mama Milestones

I fell in love with the crib the moment I laid eyes on it...dark cherry colored, beautiful thick slats, something of high beauty and quality...yes, that would only be right for my precious first born.

7 years later...Brody's little toes reach the end of the crib turned daybed/toddler bed and he was eager for his first big boy bed. I hunted down bunk beds and last night you should have felt the buzz in the air...the bunk beds were going up and the boys could hardly stand the wait. Oh, they were so excited!

As we cleared the room it was time for the crib to get broken down. It wasn't until that last screw was taken out and I crumbled into tears in Kyle's arms that it hit me - this marked an end of a season of life. Little hands and feet have grown, they are full of life and adventure and my role as a mother has morphed into something new...and my heart breaks just a little bit letting that go. It's a mama milestone.

It's a milestone for the boys too! They think their room is the coolest now...who can resist these smiles!


Zoey's Mama said...

The boys look THRILLED! ( I bet they think you're the coolet mama around :-)

Anonymous said...

what are you doing with our old crib? Sounds pretty....
-Emily Barton

Anne said...

Hopefully hand it off to another mama who will love it as much as I do/did...interested?

Anonymous said...

Aw...Anne..I feel your "milestone" even though Syriana is only 3 months old, I am already missing the newborn.
The crib sounds amazing by the way :)


momaof4 said...

Time to pass it on...or keep it for the grandkids :) It is crazy how fast our little boys are growing up.

We need to do a BBQ...Let me talk with hubby and find a date. Miss you guys.