Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I LOVE Fall! The trees changing colors, the cool breeze, pumpkin pie, apples from the orchards and of course the pumpkin patch. We made it last weekend between Kyle's business trips. It was great family time as you can see from the smiles. Brody was a little too small to enjoy it last year but was full speed ahead this year. Collin thrived in all the excitement and particularly enjoyed the hay maze and inflatable pillow. Brody was most enthralled with the corn pit. Unfortunately, that means momma goes in too. Note to self...must tuck in shirt. It's not so fun picking corn kernels out of your pants!! I don't know if it's Brody's squeal when he sees the farm animals, or the delight on Collin's face when he sinks into those apple cider donuts but it almost seems magical. One of those precious outings I anticipate every year due to the joy we receive out of it! Sadly to say...we spent as much on the food there as we did on the admission! LOL!

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