Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rubber Boots

Don't you just love rubber boots??? It's like unwritten permission to throw all the momma rules out the window and have fun. Yesterday the boys and I headed to the store and picked up a pair for each of the boys. Brody's still figuring out how to walk in them since they take up half his legs. Collin loves the fact he can put them on and off in a snap. We broke them in yesterday after we got stuck in a down pour during our walk. Collin thought it was hilarious to dance in the rain while Brody took great pleasure in splashing in the puddles. We were completely soaked but it was so much fun. The night ended with cereal for dinner (captain crunch - shhhh, don't tell anyone, it was a special treat while daddy is out of town), bath and book. Daddy comes back tomorrow. We are all very excited.

1 comment:

momaof4 said...

The boys are getting SO big.!!!!!
We need to have you over, if you don't mind boxes and all. I will see if we can find a time that works.

Hope your hubby is home and safe. You are a trooper Girl!!! I love that you can let go..your boys will love that as they get older.