Sunday, January 20, 2008


It seems I've been suddenly submerged into the birthday scene. My four soon to be five year old has definitely grasped the concept of birthday parties. He's got his own ideas and not as open to my promptings as before. I suggested getting some healthy dried fruit bars for his birthday party at school. Before, he would have surrendered and wouldn't have thought twice. After a half a second of silence he tells me that he didn't think his friends would like that! No, instead he wants the Oreo sticks you can dip into the cream for his class party...ugh! Today we got the last of the treats for the goody bags for our party. He is bubbling over with excitement. He even told the Target cashier all about his bowling birthday party. Yes, we are doing bowling - actually glow in the dark bowling. We've bucked the system and didn't invite his whole preschool class. We just invited a few of our close friends he regularly hangs out with and family. Grammy is actually really excited about bowling *giggle*. He even accompanied me to the cake store where we gathered some ideas, fake trees, cars to create our race track cake...stay tuned, there may be pics! :) We have a race car theme! Perfectly fits my little guy right now!

Oh, five years old, where did my baby go...

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Angela said...

My how time flies! I can't believe Collin is 5! I loved seeing the sequence of pics from birth to now...great idea :)