Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

We were invited to head up to Gig Harbor by Kyle's aunt, Dianne, this last weekend. We've graciously been extended that invitation over the years many times and can't get enough of the place. Thanks Dianne (or Dee-Dee as the boys would say)!! One of the best parts is the view you wake up to every morning...

We had some great family time just relaxing, laughing and playing together. We kept on the move most of the weekend with our two little guys in tow. We managed to fit a lot in:

Trips to the park to play baseball.

We checked out a little orienteering/safety festival in the town park where Collin got to see what it felt like to be "the bad guy".

My absolute favorite part was heading out on the kayaks. It was a treat for me. I've only been a few times but absolutely love kayaking. The boys did great and we even decided to do it a second time with them. Brody and I were followed by a curious baby seal that took a liking to us and following us through the harbor for a bit.
Kyle even got in a little extra by power washing the dock. And we were blessed by sunshine all weekend! We couldn't have asked for more!


momaof4 said...

What fun!!! The weather was wonderful all over it looks like. What a fun place to go and get away for a bit.

Poetic Flummery said...

anne, these pics of your lil ones are GREAT! so cute. i can't believe how big they are now. and, your hair is amazing! love that cut on you!! :) xxoo, brans