Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Brody!

Brody turns 3 on Sunday. We fudged a little on his birthday celebration since it lands on Father's Day this year and...well...he's too little and had no idea we moved the date. So, if you ask him, he's 3! Just don't ask him to show it to you - holding up 3 fingers is a tough thing to do for a little guy! The highlight of his birthday was his new bike. He loves it! You've never seen a daddy put one together as fast as Kyle when he had a little preschooler breathing down his neck! :)
He's so proud to be a big boy and join the club of neighborhood kids and their bikes! We love you Brody! Happy Birthday!!


Darth Weasel said...

Happy birthday indeed. We need to get a time for at least you, Emily, Kyle and I to grab dinner some time before August as she will probably be gone for about 18 months and has been asking me to set such an event up. Let us know what time might work for you all.

Angela said...

Wow time sure does fly! Happy Birthday Brody! Looks like you had a great party!!

momaof4 said...

Happy Birthday Smiley boy!!!!