Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beating the Habit

A neighbor stopped by today and we chatted at the door for ten minutes. Who knew how productive a 3 year old can be in ten minutes when you take:
3 SEALED packages of gum
1 gum chewing obsessed preschooler
and a distracted mom...
Here is the damage

All three packages skillfully opened and dismantled through out my car
5 pieces of partially chewed gum
another piece shoved quickly into his mouth when he saw me!!

These boys will keep me on my toes! Although to his credit, he is trying to break a nasty binki habit and a little gum chewing has proven to fill the void during a sensitive transition time! ;)

So instead of getting pictures that look like this:

We are starting to get more pictures that look like this:

Keep at it little man! We love the smile! Just take it easy on the gum!

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Christy said...

This is just too funny a post! I've been meaning to say hi to you for quite some time. I've been a long-time family friend of the Fischers when my family lived in OR and NV. Now I'm in MN and keep in touch a little bit with Cassie and Courtney. Anyway, your blog is fun and your boys are adorable. Keep posting!