Friday, August 14, 2009

Cousins & Cottage Grove

Kyle and I had the opportunity to whisk our little nephew away with us camping this last weekend at Cottage Grove. Collin was ecstatic as his cousin is just a year ahead of him and just the right age to camp with. The boys got their own tent and spent ever ounce of energy during the day trying to out do the other on the water.

A look out at the reservoir at the campground

Picture of the boys. Sadly, it was just before this picture that poor Brody got his fourth - yes, i said fourth, bee sting of the trip.

Hit it!

Surfin' Dudes

Jumping competition balls, belly flops, biggest splash!

Boys were back on the water the next morning by 10am before we left!

Another great summer adventure!

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Angela said...

Looks like a great time minus the bee stings! Gotta love tubing!