Friday, November 2, 2007


Oh, my little's not every night that you need me anymore. I cringe at the thought that our midnight meetings to comfort and cuddle are dwindling. There was time that I thought they would never end. But now, you are growing up; it's so right and in God's plan but it's hard for your mama to slowly let go.
You just woke up...I blindly searched for your Binky in the dark corners of your crib and whisked you into my arms. We settled into the rocking chair, cozy blanket around us, you nestled your head into my chest and I lightly rested my head on yours.
God thank you for these moments to quietly cherish.


momaof4 said...

They grow fast. Just when you are thinking...please! I just need to get past this time. Poof, it's over and then you miss it like crazy!


Angela said...

I could not agree fact I need to go check on mine and steal a few kisses :)