Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm thankful for....

This is not an all encompassing list...just a few of my favorite things! Before the rush of getting the pies in the oven or the kids dressed up for the gatherings, I'm just taking a minute to think about being thankful.

My hubby... I'm just going to brag on him for a minute! He is such an amazing man who takes great care of us. Despite his crazy travel schedule he leaves notes, gifts for us while he's gone and makes sure he gets in a phone call before the nights over. He gets home from work and dives right in with the kids! He doesn't complain when there is no clean underwear in the drawer but always praises me when the house is clean or the laundry actually does gets done. The other night he actually tackled the random sock pile (yes, I know you have them too!!) and made all the matches. He is officially declared the sock King!! Not to mention he is pretty darn handsome!

My little darlings! They are a whirlwind sometime but they are so amazing! Enough said.

The food!!!! OK, I'm a little passionate about this secret love of my life! I am passing on this article that lays out an easy way to plan out your Thanksgiving meal. It's full of wonderful ideas, recipes and a daily planner. The Sweet Potato Crunch is a Fischer family favorite that is made annually!
Ohhhh, how there is so much more! I have been truly blessed! It's really all about friends and family and I am so thankful for that! Where would I be without you all! I praise God for blessing me with you. I keep hearing this from different places the radio, the sermon on Sunday and different people to take some time to "count your many blessings". I get so wrapped up in my little world sometimes that when I stand back and take a look at things, I mean, really take a look at things I am taken back by what God is doing in our lives.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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