Monday, October 27, 2008

Bauman Farms

This is one of my most favorite family outings that we do yearly. We usually try and get a jump start on the crowds and head out early in the morning with the boys bundled up. We hit the coffee shop (for mom's sanity) and then to Bauman Farms. There is sooooo much to do there that the boys love; jumping pillow, hay mazes, taking a tractor ride, animals, swings, the list goes on! But the best part, the part I look forward to for a whole year, is fresh pressed apple cidar and apple cidar donuts, yummers! The boys are at a great age where every turn is an adventure. Collin's favorite was the dark maze and Brody's was the tractor ride. Both boys were covered in sweat, dirt and cinnamon/sugar residue of their donuts. Now that's a good day! ;)

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momaof4 said...

So fun, we are off to the pumpkin patch with the boys tomorrow. I think our porch is turning into a pumpkin patch with all the ones we have gotten this year!!