Friday, October 31, 2008

Cute & Cheap

These are from my days as a Kindergarten teacher. We would end up doing a Miss Spider's Tea Party with our classes this time of year and made cute spider treats. I have to give the credit to the amazing Kinder teachers I taught with there that passed along all their great ideas to me. Here is a little favor that the children got to take home at the end of our tea party. We decided to make them for our own little Halloween party we attended yesterday. Give it a try. You'll love it!

Take tissue paper and lay it out. We choose more bold primary colors because it was a little kids Halloween party. The black ones turn out pretty cute too!
Fold into a square and place treats in the middle, little Tootsie Rolls work well.

Gather it at the top and secure with matching pipe cleaner. Bend in middle for knee of spider and at the end for foot of spider.

Repeat with three more pipe cleaners to complete the legs. Add googly eyes or draw on eyes/nose/mouth for the spider.

Here is my little helper!
Now we are ready for our party!

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Angela said...

I like your spider treat bags as well! This year I forgot to make the oreo w/ pretzel sticks for legs (spider treats) oh well better late than never once the sugar dwindles around here :)