Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cutest Soccer Player In The World

We had our last game yesterday. Collin scored 3 goals! Way to go, Collin!

Coach Kyle (a.k.a dad) did a great job. They thought he was the greatest coach in the world especially after giving them little flashlights and letting them have their soccer snack anytime during the game.

It has been a quick and enjoyable season. Somehow we managed to dodge most of the rain. The team was built with a fantastic group of people. We were even fortunate enough to have several friends on the team which made it that much more fun! Got to love that carpooling and those coffee runs for the soccer games!

Off to basketball season! We'll keep you posted!

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Angela said...

Wow, Collin looks so grown up! Glad he had a great soccer season and was able to even have dad as coach!